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Taylor’s Purpose


Beyond a lawn and tree care company, Taylor’s Way is a member of the communities we work in. Taylor’s Way purpose and vision are built upon on our core values.

Family–We treat our clients like one of our family.
Accountability–We guarantee our services and exceed your outdoor dreams.
Knowledgeable, capable people–We exhaustively train all our expert employees to delivery comprehensive programs.

Taylor’s Way Purpose

To use our plant health care expertise to bring our clients outside, and into a life of enlightenment and joy.

Taylor’s Way Vision

We strive to change every home in America with our holistic, long-term, and naturally beautiful approach to outdoor living.

Taylor’s Way Community Care

Each year Taylor’s Way and our employees take part in numerous community events and volunteering opportunities.In 2016, Taylor’s Way sponsored 3 employees on a mission trip to serve the country of Haiti. Since 2015, Taylor’s Way has donated over $50,000 to community organizations, initiatives and events in support of our clients and the communities we serve.We believe that sharing in our success and giving back to the communities we service is critical in achieving the Taylor’s Way vision.


About Taylor’s Way



Taylor’s Way is a 4th generation family owned and operated lawn and tree care company that has been in business for 50 years. The company was started as Taylor Lawn Service by Clarence “Buster” Taylor and his father Phil Taylor in 1966, primarily as a mowing business. Buster purchased the company upon returning from college in 1973. Buster is a pioneer in the lawn care industry, becoming one of the first licensed commercial applications in 1973. His passion for turf and trees is embodied by the staff at Taylor’s Way.

In 1983, Taylor’s Natural Green Lawn became incorporated, continuing to focus on lawn and tree care applications. A focus on the customer experience, advances in products and technology as well as hiring only the best employees has allowed Taylor’s Way to grow every year in business since 1973. In 1992, Taylor’s Way became a certified Agrochemical Containment facility, demonstrating the high level of importance held for the environment and adherence to the local, state and federal standards for chemical application companies. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Taylor’s Way was often recognized by the name Taylor’s Turf and eventually Taylor’s Trees & Turf.

A continual pursuit for innovation, training and expertise drove Buster and Dennis Taylor to become nationally recognized certified arborists with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) in 2009. In 2012, Josh Taylor joined Taylor’s Way after leaving his career in aerospace engineering after 10 years. He brought along with him is expertise in technology, client relations and leadership training. In 2018 Josh Taylor and 5 other employees of Taylor’s Way; Brian Taylor, Corbin Hopkins, Trevor Kaufman, Anson Murray and Zach Bird, also became certified arborists with the ISA.

Taylor’s Way has become national authorities in the lawn and tree care industry, winning numerous awards throughout the years. Most notable, in 2016 Taylor’s Way was recognized nationally as the 16th best company on the Hidden Gems of the Industry by Green Industry Pros. Taylor’s Way delivers comprehensive and easy to implement programs that will always exceed clients’ outdoor dreams. Our clients become a part of our 4th generation family business.

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