A small back yard or garden doesn’t allow for trees to take up too much space, but certainly they need at least one or two trees to look perfect. Our tree service Peru, IL specialists, together with their landscaping Oglesby, IL colleagues identified a few fresh 2016 landscaping trends for small gardens, lawns and yards. Such trends evolve around creating a centerpiece, a focal point if you like, with the help of one tree – or an interesting row of trees.

The trick in creating a gorgeous landscape in a small garden in this manner is to pick trees that don’t spread an invasive root system. Moreover, you can brilliantly employ a landscape lighting system to turn the trees into veritable garden jewels. You can also build a deck around a tree’s trunk and create a small but charming outdoor living space.

1. Smoke Tree

It goes great in combos with hedges or windbreaks, but as a standalone focal point, it does an incredible job. It likes hot weather and thrives in almost any type of soil. It will punch in some colors to you yard as in summer it shows off some wispy, pink bloom clusters while in fall its foliage turns into a true painting of orange, yellow and red hues. The rest of the year, the smoke tree becomes a kaleidoscope of green, purple and gold leaves. Imagine a small patio underneath and some subtle lighting in the yard. The tree only can turn any small garden into a fairytale land.

2. Japanese maple Tree

There are many types of Japanese maple trees, but they share at least one important feature: they go great in small yards and make exquisite focal points in small gardens, patios or lawns. They are praised for their bright red foliage and the surreal show they put up all year long. Such trees, if pruned and cared for correctly, can become your best asset, especially if you mix them with some sparkling green turf and a few well-chosen garden furniture pieces to create an outstanding outdoor living space.

3. Italian Cypress Tree

The Italian Cypress tree is a great addition to a narrow or small lot, as it is one of the columnar trees which can add privacy, shade and beauty to a small garden. Such trees look strange if planted in the middle of your outdoor space, unlike the others presented above, but if you have at least a pair of these, the possibilities are endless. They grow tall, but narrow in width, so they make natural living fences if planted in rows. They also make perfect entrance highlighters for your small backyard, not to mention you can use them to separate two sides of a lawn or a yard, creating an evergreen wall.

There are plenty of trees you can choose from to create a small patch of heaven in a small garden. Our tree service Peru, IL experts and their landscaping Oglesby, IL colleagues also list Dogwood, Butterfly Bush, and Purple Leaf Plum or Mayten tree, among others, for spectacular tree-centered small landscape designs.