In winter, homeowners are concerned with protecting their lawns and gardens against the cold. The rapid changes in temperature from day to night, heavy snow, freezing and strong winds can damage your trees to the point of killing them. Strong, older trees are more resilient to the weather conditions in winter, especially if they are native species. However, newly planted trees can suffer a great deal in the cold season. This is why tree service Peru, IL experts gathered to share some of their best advice with you on how to protect your young trees in winter.

1. Wrap the Trees

There are a few species of thin-barked trees, such as willows or maples, which need special protection, even if they are not newly planted. If you have other tree species which are young and about to face their first winter, then special tree wrap is a must. These wraps ensure that cold and frost don’t lead to permanent bark cracks and damages. There are also special cold weather tree blankets, tree service Peru, IL experts say – they will keep your young trees safe from frost cracks and serious damages.

2. Apply Burlap or Boughs

Newly planted trees need to be kept safe from the wind. Due to their position in the overall landscape design, some trees are even more exposed to strong, freezing winds. Some evergreen trees can suffer even more, so the application of burlap or boughs is mandatory. Your local tree service Peru, IL company can help you protect your newly plant trees if you are new to this activity.

3. Apply a Layer of Mulch

Tree service Mendota, IL experts warn us that the application of mulch rings and layers should follow some rigorous rules. First, the mulch layer should be between 4 and 8 inches. Secondly, you should not let it touch the tree trunk. Thirdly, spread the mulch layer around the tree at least 2 feet from the trunk. This way you will cover a larger portion of the tree’s surrounding soil, keeping it hydrated and nourished all winter.

4. Hydrate Your Newly Planted Trees Carefully

In winter, trees get damaged or killed mostly because of dehydration. Young trees in particular don’t have such a strong and deep root system to find water at high depths, like the older trees, thus being very vulnerable to the lack of moisture. Before everything freezes in winter, make sure the root ball of your young trees is properly hydrated.

5. Install Tree Guards

In winter, animals can find your trees’ bark very appealing for chewing. This is why you need to install plastic tree guards or other types of fences and protective hardware, to keep animals at bay. Your tree service Peru, IL specialists can help you choose the best tree guarding systems and help you install them around all your trees, not just the newly planted ones.