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Overwintering Pests

Overwintering Pests

Don't Let Overwintering Pests Take Over: Prevent and Protect the Taylor's Way As the crisp autumn air turns into the chilly days of winter, we all tend to cozy up indoors. However, we're not the only ones seeking warmth and shelter during the colder months....

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April Showers Bring May….Weeds

April Showers Bring May….Weeds

Remember that old saying “April showers bring May Flowers”?  This gives us hope that after the rains, spring will burst with Tulips, Azaleas, Cherry Blossoms, Dogwood Trees, Flowering Crabapple Trees, and the like. But there is something else that catches our...

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Spraying in the Winter Months

Spraying in the Winter Months

 I sat down with Derek Whited, our Pest Control Expert, to ask him what his most frequently asked question is this time of year. “Clients are always questioning the benefit of continuing services and interior sprays during the winter months.” Derek went on to explain...

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Winter Lawn and Tree Maintenance

Winter Lawn and Tree Maintenance

  Winter is a great time to prune the most deciduous trees and shrubs. Complete pruning (thinning, correcting branch structure, dead and diseased wood) can be done to plants where flower blooms are not a critical factor. For ornamentals planted for their showy...

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It’s Time to Apply Spring Pre-Emergents

Every year, around summer, we get a lot of questions from the public and new leads, wondering why they have crabgrass in their lawns and weeds in their shrub beds.  We want to try and provide some answers NOW, so you can take the appropriate steps.  Apply a...

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