Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it is only natural to think about trees’ and shrubs’ protection against weather extremes, weeds and pests. We have talked about organic mulches and preventative measures against heat or frost, but today we will take a look at things from a double point of view: tree protection AND landscaping. Usually, ground covers play both roles in the same time, acting as barriers and aesthetic enhancements for your trees and shrub plantations. Today, our tree service Peru, IL specialists want to present you with three important inorganic groundcovers (mulches) for both function and looks when it comes to spring and summer tree care.

Stony Ground Covers: Gravel / Pebbles

Rocky mulches, consisting of decorative pea gravel, pebbles and stones are landscapists’ favorite ground covers. They offer a permanent tree planting a neat, ordered, clean and well-defined look that is attractive. Moreover, you can choose the colors and the textures of these stony covers to match your landscape’s color scheme and theme and perfectly blend them in your property.

Our tree service Peru, IL specialists recommend such ground covers not only for their looks; they also act as reliable weed and pest barriers. These types of ground covers are inert and long lasting. They don’t have fertilization purposes but can be installed a thin layer of organic mulch. Sometimes stones and gravel can render the soil too alkaline for your trees’ well being, so talk to your tree service Peru, IL experts about using them for permanent tree landscaping.

Landscape Fabric / Plastic Film

These two ground covers can be applied immediately after you bought them from the store. They are recommended for tree and shrub areas but also for vegetable gardens or flower beds. They can be fastened onto the soil to prevent moving and work well with a thin layer of organic mulch applied underneath for tree fertilization purposes. Sometimes these covers don’t look so well in visible tree areas on your property, but they allow good exchange of air and water. They make a good barrier against annual weeds and pests, but control poorly perennial weeds. Sometimes they need to be sprayed with other chemicals to keep weeds and pests at bay. Ask your local tree service Peru, IL experts about the best uses of landscape fabric and plastic film as ground covers and protective layers for tree areas.

Paper Products: Corrugated Cardboard and Newspapers

These paper products are recommended to be applied in thin layers in tree plantings only when the summer heat strikes hard on your property. Cardboard and newspapers work well as mulches, as they can preserve the soil and the trees’ roots cool and moist during heat waves. However, if kept for longer periods of time, they can suppress turf and grasses from growing. They don’t look well, either, so they are used for a more functional purpose rather than an aesthetic one. Their main benefits are that they are easy to procure, easy to use and install, cheap and widely available. Make sure you remove all cardboard debris (labels, plastics, tape, staples etc.) before layering it and you don’t create a newspaper layer thicker than 5-6 sheets.

These are just three types of inorganic ground covers you can use with no effort and little to no budget. For more information about trees’ / shrubs’ protection, have a chat with your local tree service Peru, IL specialists!