Dealing with garden or lawn pests is always a component of lawn care. Ottawa, IL lawn specialists claim that it’s a perennial problem for a lot of property owners, especially for those who are not diligent with cleanliness and maintenance. There’s very little, really, that can be done about those tiny insects that are drawn to grass because it’s food for them.

But the thing is, not all insects have a ravenous appetite for grass and plants, nor are many of them destructive. What property owners really have to protect their lawns and gardens from are those creepers (both insects and vermin) that outnumber the “safe” insects, consume everything, and leave a trail of germs that make the lawn or garden rather unsafe for the family to use; caterpillars, mosquitoes, certain beetles, slugs, mice, and raccoons are just some of them.

To control these harmful pests, it’s crucial to invest in proper lawn care; Ottawa, IL folks advise hiring professionals, especially when the lawn’s appearance has been compromised greatly already and reviving it would truly require expert skills and techniques. However, for minor cases of pest infestation, property owners can save some money by tackling the problem themselves.

Birdfeeders Can Attract Unwanted Rodents

The experts in lawn care Ottawa, IL locals rely on have smart tips that are effective for pest control and the first one is to identify pest attractants and remove them. So, what are these? The most common ones that residential properties have are standing water and birdfeeders. Standing water attracts everything from mosquitoes, cockroaches and other moisture-loving insects. So avoid creating puddles by distributing water better, and use an outdoor broom to spread the water so it can evaporate more quickly. Meanwhile, birdfeeders are frequent targets of rodents because of all the seeds that they contain and fall out of them; don’t put a lot of seeds in the feeders and make sure to sweep away fallen seeds either to put them back in the feeders or throw them in the trash. The only real investment here is time, but this strategy can contribute greatly to keeping lawns and gardens free from harmful pests.

A second tip is to use natural products to take on insects, snails and slugs. Diatomaceous earth, which is a fine white powder made of dried sea creatures, is impressively effective in killing off insects. Diatomaceous earth is very affordable and it has no effect on grass and other plants. As for snails and slugs, beer is the perfect solution. Fill a shallow dish with beer and these slinky creepers that feast on grass and leaves will be attracted to the beverage and drown.

And the last tip is to avoid monocultures. The idea here is that a lawn that is made up of only one type of grass is more susceptible to damage; this will not necessarily prevent insects and rodents from coming, but some of them will be less attracted to the lawn. Also, even if pests do get to one species of grass, it would be easier to spot-treat, and property owners also won’t have to shell out a huge amount of money for new turf.