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Lawn Care Peru IL Experts on Summer Roses’ Maintenance

by Dec 10, 2018Blog

Having fragrant flowers and plants on your property is a thing of eternal happiness and joy. The tantalizing scents make any late night summer garden dinner or party a dream came true for the owner and his guests. And when it comes to a fragrant landscape, roses are the champions. Last time we talked about placing and introducing fragrant plants on your property.

Today, our lawn care Peru IL specialists will take a closer look at roses. These gorgeous perennials can make the highlight of your landscape with their luxurious colors and scents – but they are also vulnerable to heat, pests and weeds. They need a special type of summer care and this is why we will focus on this particular topic.

Roses’ Maintenance No. 1 Rule: Proper Watering

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner landscapist, you should know that summer is the season when smart and proper watering becomes your main preoccupation. Roses, among all green elements thriving on your property, have special watering needs, as they are vulnerable to heat and weather phenomena.

  • Irrigate your roses very early in the morning, at least three times a week.
  • Make sure you give them at least 2.5 gallons of water weekly.
  • Install a slow release drip irrigation system on your property (respecting the local water regulations rules if there are any) – such a system will hydrate your entire property with no fuss and without wasting too much water. Remember that a well hydrated soil (and root systems) can deal easier with heat, pests, weeds and other unexpected risk factors.

Roses’ Maintenance No. 2 Rule: Proper Fertilization

Roses need good fertilizers in order to thrive and resist heat. Besides proper watering, proper fertilization keeps the roses healthy and safe. If you already tested the soil for pH and your lawn care Peru IL experts gave you the green light for cultivating roses, you just need to keep them properly fed.

  • Try using organic fertilizers and products that are around the house: Epsom Salt, banana peels, eggshells, and molasses and so on – they give the roses the proper nutrients in a healthy, bio manner without damaging the soil.
  • If you want to take further protective action, ask your landscaping Peru IL team to install mulch on your property and thus feed and protect not only roses, but all threes, shrubs, plants and flower beds.

Roses’ Maintenance No. 3 Rule: Proper Pest Control

Pests love roses just like humans do – but pests feed on them and can damage them to the point of total destruction. One of the greatest enemies of roses are aphids – disgusting creatures that live under the plants’ leaves, leaving behind a sooty black fungal trail that blocks sunlight and ultimately killing the plant. Ask your lawn care Peru IL specialists to implement a tailored pest control program for your roses. You can use plenty of organic means to keep pests at bay, but in the case of a serious infestation, professional help is the best solution.


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