You make mistakes. After all, and as the cliché goes, you’re only human. When it comes to lawn care, even those who lovingly care for their yard can commit the most common errors. And here are just some of those slip-ups.

You might be over-watering or under-watering

One of the key areas for common mistakes in lawn care, Mendota IL experts point out, is in watering. While water is crucial to your lawn’s health and survival, you can drown your grass in too much water. And end up killing it.

On the other hand, you can neglect to water your lawn and in the process, also end up killing it. So where do you go from here?

Water every several days — the schedule will depend on the type of grass you have on — and water deep. When you water deep every three or four days instead of shallow watering every day, the roots get sufficient nutrients. Not only will your lawn be lush and green, but this approach can also save water.

Planting the wrong grass

Certain sites lend itself better to certain types of grass. From environmental considerations to site use, planting the wrong type of grass can be a bad start to lawn care. Dixon IL residents should know to plant Kentucky bluegrass in un-shaded areas (as this type of grass likes sunlight) and to use turf that can stand up to pets and kids, when there are both in the household.

Planting the wrong type of grass would mean double the work, double the cost, and none of the benefits of a great lawn.

Using mowers with dull blades

Dull blades will destroy your grass. Instead of making a clean cut, your unsharpened mower blades will be ripping and tearing into the grass. This will leave your turf susceptible to diseases, not to mention make it look terrible. Think bad “haircut.”

So before you let your mower run through your turf, make sure the blades are sharp enough to make those nice, clean cuts.

The soil is unprepared

Another common mistake in lawn care, Dunlap IL experts say, can be traced to the soil. Every amazing lawn begins from the soil, as it has to be cultivated for seeding and sodding.

Make sure the soil on your lawn is rich and ready for seeding or sodding, and you will see your turf — your garden — thrive into one of the most amazing outdoor spaces in the neighborhood.