Those interested in the health and thriving of their lush lawns and landscapes are always willing to learn more about new trends. But is your current lawn maintenance company able to provide you with the best of services that rise to the standards and adapt to the 2019 trends? If you are considering a qualified tree service Ottawa IL company willing and able to take a challenge and turn it into your perfect corner of paradise, here are some things you should know!

Companies able to Perform “Snug Corner” Landscaping

More and more young people invest their money and futures in beautiful homes with generous landscapes. They want these properties to comprise everything they want from nature: fresh air, beauty, scent, space to unwind, but also coziness, intimacy, shade, and comfort.

For this reason, one landscaping trend nobody can overlook is the creation of snug corners – areas surrounded by trees and shrubs to offer privacy, equipped with outdoor furniture and several hardscape elements, such as fire pits, ponds, cooking/barbecue nooks, and more.

In other words, more and more young owners will require tree service Ottawa IL companies to create such spaces or revamp existing ones: planting of new trees, shrubs, and hedges for privacy, wind protection, shade, scent, and even fruit; tree/shrub trimming and maintenance; tree treatments and protective measures against tree diseases, pests, weeds, etc.

Tree Service Ottawa IL Companies able to Create Pet-Friendly Landscaping

More than half of homeowners also own pets. Naturally, they want intimate spaces for their furry friends and their children to spend as much time outdoors as possible in a safe manner. You may think any part of your lawn is pet-friendly, but you need certified arborists and landscape experts to create such spaces. We will talk about the requirements of pet-friendly landscaping on another occasion, but if you want such a trend implemented on your property, here are some things you need to know:

  • You need an arborist to pick the right shade trees for kids and pets to enjoy spending time outside without any of the adverse effects;
  • You need a tree service Ottawa IL expert team to trim shrubs, trees, and hedges safely to prevent kids and pets accidents;
  • You need a certified landscaping company to plant non-toxic turf and vegetation and to use environmental-friendly fertilization, weeding, and insect plan relying on substances that are safe for animals and children (such as the Eco-Choice Program).

Besides creating a landscape that is safe and welcoming for kids and pets, you also need stump removal and tree removal Ottawa IL experts to prepare the area of your ultimate pet playground in case you need to move some trees or shrubs from one part of the property to another.

Companies for Which Safety Is Primordial

We hear words like safety and security all around us, from using the Internet to grocery shopping. Safety is hugely important in the landscaping industry as well – on all levels. Here is what you want from your future tree service Ottawa IL company next year:

  • Use of safe, upgraded, and highly performing tools and equipment;
  • Use of safe tree trimming, tree removal, and tree maintenance methods, including the use of eco-friendly treatments;
  • Your safety as a client: you want a company carrying workers compensation and property insurance policies, together with service warranties and result guarantees.

When it comes to rising to the standards and trends for next year, our tree service Ottawa IL company is here to provide you with the highest quality! Call and ask for a free estimate today!