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Organic Fertilization: Tree Service Dixon, IL Specialists Share their Knowledge

by Dec 10, 2018Blog

When we talk about summer tree care, we have to talk about proper tree fertilization. Last time, our experts shared their advice and tips in regards to mulching – a mandatory activity meant to nourish and protect all your trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers and bushes during summer. But proper tree care can’t be narrowed down to watering and mulch layering. Sometimes your trees need soil amendments to keep them healthy and thriving all summer long – benefiting from weed and pest protection in the same time. Today, our tree service Dixon, IL specialists want to offer you a quick guide on tree organic fertilization to help new trees grow healthily and older trees properly establish in your overall landscape.

What Should You Know about Tree Fertilization?

Before you plant any new tree, a soil test is mandatory, to assess the pH levels and the soil’s saturation of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Growing trees should be fertilized throughout the year and soil amendments based on organic material should be used to further nourish the trees and help them thriving.

  • FERTILIZATION TIP 1: Never overdo it! You can ask your tree service Dixon, IL specialists to assess your trees’ growth. If the trees reach the standard heights in the optimal amount of developmental time, you can decrease the use of fertilizers to once a year. However, if your trees have a sub-optimal growth, then you will need to help them reach their full potential with some soil organic amendments.
  • FERTILIZATION TIP 2: if you are new to cultivating trees on your property, you should know that liquid fertilizers should be mixed with water – solid or concentrated fertilizers should never reach the roots’ system as they can cause roots’ burns and injuries.
  • FERTILIZATION TIP 3: Solid and concentrated fertilizers should be kept as far as you can from the trees’ leaves, barks and stems – they can also cause health problems, burns and injuries, especially in young trees.

Organic Tree Fertilizers for Soil Amendments

With many people turning towards a more natural approach to living and gardening, it is no wonder that organic products that you can find around the house become more and more popular.


  • Chopped banana peels
  • Crab shells, shrimp peelings, grains and nuts


  • Coffee grounds
  • Grass clippings
  • Urea
  • Composted weeds


  • Bone meal
  • Fish bone meal
  • Soy Husk

Trace elements, calcium and other nourishment sources

Besides these important three nutrients, trees can benefit a lot from other organic materials that can be used as soil amendments:

  • Dry or moist seaweed for trace elements
  • Epsom Salt for magnesium and sulfur – recommended for fruit trees as it make crops grow larger and sweeter
  • Egg shells for calcium
  • Compost and composted aged manure for a full soil nourishment

Ask your tree service Dixon, IL specialists for their advice on summer tree care and the use of organic soil amendments. Some trees need only water and sunlight to thrive, while others may need a friendly boost. Make sure you don’t over-fertilize and you follow the specialists’ instructions closely!


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