The owner of the world’s most beautiful lawn (he has the awards to prove it) spends six days a week, or a total of 30 hours on the average, on keeping his prize green the greenest and prettiest of them all. He also forbids his wife to step on the turf, and sends his own son away to the football field up the street to play because playing ball on the lawn is absolutely out of the question.

How about you – how much can you commit for your lawn?

Every homeowner knows just how much effort it can take to keep the yard healthy and beautiful. While some have more resources to spend than others, most people are now actively looking for ways to make sure that their green space is well taken care off – without needlessly sacrificing too much of their time and money for lawn care. Princeton IL residents say this is possible, if you make the right choices and invest in carefully selected products and services.

According to insiders in the business of lawn care, Princeton IL residents now prefer to seek lawn maintenance companies that offer a comprehensive range of services instead of paying for each service one by one. Going for an all-in service saves them from the hassles and expenses of suddenly needing to deal with the various lawn maintenance tasks including mowing the grass, trimming trees and plants, attending to the flower beds, cleaning pathways and decks, and clearing away the debris.

Another key time- and money-saving factor is the decision to lean toward greener gardening practices. For instance, implementing the proper collection and segregation of your green waste (yard clippings, fallen branches, dead leaves, etc.) does not only make your work more efficient, but the collected yard trimmings can also be reused for composting or converted to mulch. Ask about green waste removal and management and work with your lawn maintenance contractor if you want to practice sustainable lawn care, Princeton IL homeowners recommend.

Every lawn requires a specific approach to maintenance – it depends on the climate, the soil condition in the area, the types of grass and plants you are growing and your preferences as a homeowner. That’s why, if you want to make your lawn maintenance process more efficient and budget-friendly, the first thing you need to do is to ask your lawn care provider about the specific requirements unique to your property. With the help of skilled and reliable experts, caring for your lawn can be one of the most fulfilling commitments you’ll ever make.