It is always better to prevent than to treat. This is a common practice in almost all fields, including landscaping, lawn care, and tree maintenance. Your trees and shrubs are the pillars that sustain the entire micro-ecosystem that you call “landscape.” If you are a beginner in owning a property and especially landscape trees, you need to know that early fall comes with both joy and sorrow. The latter is entertained by the fact that this season is the best time for pests and diseases to attack your gorgeous trees. In order to enjoy everything good about early fall, our tree service Kewanee are here to offer you a quick guide on how to prep your trees against pests and other threats these months.

Full Landscape Assessment

You should know that your trees might be more severely affected by pests than the same trees growing two houses down the street. Trees’ health and resilience against pests depend on the tree variety, the soil texture and chemical composition, the water-competing plants found around the tree, temperatures, and precipitation, diseases found on plants nearby the trees, and much more. It is why all early fall preparations should begin with a thorough assessment of the property. Ask your tree service Kewanee IL to help you with this task and identify the early symptoms of pest activity.

Proper Homework

Not many people realize this, but sometimes homeowners are the ones responsible for entertaining pests on their properties. They unknowingly do this by neglecting a major task: property cleaning and renovations. Fall comes with fallen leaves, rotting fallen fruits, dead/diseased foliage, twigs, and branches, dirt, debris, all sorts of waste and trash. All these elements attract and entertain pests and diseases. Moreover, poorly maintained garden sheds, garages, outdoor buildings, and hardscapes are perfect places for pests (and especially rodents) to hide and thrive. Our tree service Kewanee IL experts recommend you begin your early fall preparations with a thorough cleaning schedule and a renovation plan.

Landscape Preparations

You can do plenty of things to prevent your trees from falling prey to pests. Some of the easiest ones are the following:

  • Proper trimming and pruning with the help of your local tree service Kewanee IL specialists in order to keep the trees clean and healthy but also safe from unintentional mechanical/physical damages.
  • Proper watering to keep your trees healthy but not overwatered or under-watered, as both can damage them permanently.
  • Mulch your trees to make sure they are safe, moist, cool, nourished, and safe from pests. You should always follow the 3-3-3 mulching rules. Ask your local tree service Kewanee IL specialists if you do not know how to mulch your trees correctly.

Foliage Treatments / Insecticides / Herbicides

When it comes to treating your trees with systemic pesticides or spot insecticides/herbicides, you need to plan things right. Horticulture specialists are not fond of pesticides, as they can do more harm than good. For this reason, our tree service Kewanee IL experts recommend you call them before you consider spraying chemicals on your trees or all over their cultivation areas.

Organic Pest Management

If you need to intervene against a pest infestation, you should talk to your local tree service Kewanee IL experts about organic measures. Chemical solutions do work, but you should apply them with extra care and in full awareness of the consequences.