It is probably human nature to not think about something significantly until it becomes a big problem. Case in point: your yard. Only when it starts to resemble the wild jungles of South America will you begin to think about it. Before then, you probably never gave much thought to the increasing weed growth and brown patches on your turf.

A yard in this bad state will lead to two problems: One, it will serve as a home to pests, and two, it will decrease your property’s value. But if you don’t have the patience to learn about using mulch to improve your garden or mow your grass to the right height, then you will want to invest in professional lawn care. Peru, IL yards would benefit greatly with a bit of love and care from lawn experts. Here are some of the more essential services you might want to get today.

Lawn Aeration

Start at the roots. Unhealthy roots will make it harder for your turf to thrive. Lawn aeration will improve the health of your lawn when plugs of soil are taken out. This lets water and nutrients better reach the roots of your turf. By making the roots of your turf stronger, your yard will have greener and better-looking grass.


One of the more critical aspects to lawn care, Peru, IL experts say, is fertilization. It is a basic and fundamental factor to lawn care management. Fertilized grass can help your turf stand up to environmental stresses. It can help your grass grow better. And best of all, it will allow you to spend less time and effort in tending to your yard.

Pest Management

Your property may be located in an area that is vulnerable to certain pests such as spider termites, lace bugs, and mole crickets. Left on their own and away from residential areas, these little buggers may be OK, but once they get into your yard, all bets are off and you could be looking at a damaged lawn.

Let your lawn expert take care of such pests and you will gain control of programs that provide long-term and preventive solutions.

Irrigation Coverage

Lastly, focus on your irrigation system because the type of system you have and its location will determine whether the zones in your yard are getting the right amount of water. Irrigation coverage can work against your efforts for lawn care. Peru, IL yards would minimize their pest and weed control efforts by simply maximizing irrigation coverage.