Trees are so valuable for mankind in so many ways. They are a source of oxygen, food and materials, all these making our lives easier. That is why it is essential for home owners to understand the benefits and gifts trees have to offer so to be fully aware of the value of their property and provide it with best care solutions. Professionals in tree service Dixon, IL communities trust can perform a variety of tree services. In order to keep you well-informed we’ve come up with a list of essential treatments your trees can benefit of for a proper, quick and healthy development.

Preventing Tree Diseases: Tree Injections

As stated by our tree service Princeton, IL specialists, with tree injections, diseases, pests and infestation will no longer represent issues for property owners in the area. These treatments are carried out by using high quality tonics, which have the effect of heightening the defense system of the plant. If you think your trees are vulnerable to ailments and parasitic, harmful elements, be sure to hire a tree service pro to help you keep them healthy.

Plant Nutrition: Deep Root Feeding

As you can imagine, trees like any other plants need to be nourished. Fertilizers can improve bloom and fruit production significantly. Taylor’s professionals in tree service Mendota, IL property owners trust, recommend deep root feeding applications every year. These will improve root development and allow soil amendments and nutrients reach the tree.

Improving Root-Systems: Air-Spading

Air-spading is another effective technique experts can use in order to determine root problems and provide suitable care for your plants. By means of air-spading the excess dirt around the trunk is removed. As the majority of a tree’s nutrients are located deep under the surface, this technique is great to uncover the problem and improve the plant’s development. As tree service Ottawa, IL pros claim, the reason root-system problems occur can be a natural one, but more and more often trees are affected by human activities. So let’s all be more eco-friendly and take action especially when it comes to our own health.

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