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Spring Cleaning Tips from your Local Arborist

by Dec 10, 2018Blog

Spring is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Trees budding, grass sprouting, perennials awakening from their winter sleep, we can almost smell that freshly cut grass. Along with all of those wonderful things we have been patiently (or some of us impatiently) waiting for all winter, comes some of the things we also dread the most: weeds and undesirable grasses. Here are some ways you can prepare your lawn and garden so you can get the maximum enjoyment of all spring has to offer.

  • Apply Pre-Emergent to your lawn and shrubbery beds. If you despise things like crabgrass invading your turf, early spring is the time to take action. Crabgrass is an annual warm season grass that is tough to control once it has emerged, which is why it requires a special application before  you actually see the problem occurring. Applications of pre-emergent in your shrubbery beds and under your trees will keep your beds maintained before the weeds start competing with your perennials and growing annuals.
  • Cut back your perennials (if you haven’t already). Now is the time to cut back the plants that have fall blooms. For the flowers that bloom in the spring, wait until they are done flowering or you won’t get to enjoy all of the beautiful hues of spring time! Cutting back your perennials helps to promote new growth and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Apply a thin layer of fresh mulch. Applying mulch to your shrubbery beds provides nutrients for your plants and also helps to minimize breakthrough on any of those weed seeds hanging out. Mulch also has good water retention to help beat the heat in those scorching summer months. Be careful not to apply too much mulch, as this could smother your plants and trees. Our arborist recommends never applying more than 2 inches of mulch and never covering the basil flare of a tree.
  • Edge your beds. No need to get out your spade for digging and laying down bricks. A little Round Up can go a long way in giving your shrubbery beds a nice finished look.

We hope you find these tips helpful in your preparation for the long anticipated season of spring. If we can help you with any of your spring plans, give us a call, email, or submit a request on our website.

Always Working Towards a Greener Future,

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