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It’s Time to Apply Spring Pre-Emergents

by Mar 10, 2020Blog

Every year, around summer, we get a lot of questions from the public and new leads, wondering why they have crabgrass in their lawns and weeds in their shrub beds.  We want to try and provide some answers NOW, so you can take the appropriate steps.

  1.  Apply a pre-emergent (we use the highest label rate) to your lawn between now and early April.
  2.  Put down a long residual pre-emergent (like Preen) to your landscape beds.
  3.  Use good cultural practices including; do not “scalp” the lawn with weed eaters along sidewalks, curbs or driveways, keep mowing height at 2.5″-3″ until mid may and then raise to 3″-3.5″.
  4.  Use a ONCE-A-YEAR, season long release fertilizer in your lawn. We have used this type of fertilizer for over 15 years. Your lawn will never look so good!

If you follow these simple steps in your lawn and landscape beds, you will be enjoying your summer outdoor space and not cursing it. If you have questions or need our help, fill out an estimate request or give us a call.


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