Most American households are known to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 annually for professional lawn care and maintenance. Those who have never lived in a property with a big yard or garden probably would not understand why a considerable amount of money would be dedicated to soil care, grass and plants, but those who do spend such an amount for the purpose claim that it’s all completely worth it.

But what makes the effort worth it, exactly?

Proper lawn care, Ottawa, IL garden and lawn specialists claim, offers a bounty of rewards whether it’s carried out by the property owners themselves or by professionals. For property owners, cultivating grass and other types of plants is a great release. Not too many know that dedicated gardening (or even merely pulling out weeds or cutting grass) can be quite therapeutic. There have even been studies that revealed how touching the earth and then crumbling it between your fingers can help people with arthritic fingers maintain flexibility in the joints. Likewise, depressive folks can also benefit greatly from tending to the lawn; exposure to sunlight, being busy and helping things grow can trigger the release of healthy hormones to fight negative emotions.

Dining In Your Backyard is More Enjoyable with Proper Lawn Care

In addition to that, proper lawn care can encourage outdoor activities. A great-looking lawn is the perfect venue for informal outdoor dining, games, yard sales, lemonade stands, parties or just lazing around. There’s no need to head to the park if you have your own space for all these activities.

The third benefit is that real estate professionals always say an attractive curb has the power to increase a house’s property value. Who knows? You may want to sell one day and all the money you’ve dedicated to maintaining a beautiful lawn or garden will certainly allow you to come up with a completely profitable asking price. How about that for getting a good ROI?

And lastly, proper lawn care can definitely increase the aesthetic value of your property. During spring, there’s a different vibrancy to the color of the grass and of course, the presence of playful butterflies and other dainty flying creatures are the special treats of the season. Summers, on the other hand, reinforce the value of the lawn by helping it appear to be a refreshing view when everything’s going dry. Meanwhile, autumns look particularly enchanting as there’s a delightful mix of soft greens and warm hues of leaves. The appeal changes as the seasons change, and it’s such a beautiful natural show to behold.