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Watering advice from expert Arborist in Ottawa Illinois.

by Dec 10, 2018Blog

The Illinois Valley recently received anywhere from three to seven inches of water, which was well needed, because we’ve been in somewhat of a drought. Summer is about to kick off here on Tuesday, and praise God we got some rain. I wanted to give you a gentle reminder that just because we got some rain, don’t stop watering those trees and lawns.

With the forecast ahead and the stress that all the trees have gone through to date, our arborist in Ottawa says we really need to stay up on watering our trees and lawns. If you have a newly planted tree by Taylor’s or yourself, I would recommend at least watering it two to three times a week with a slow trickle. If you have a five gallon bucket you could always use that, as well. And don’t forget your mature trees, a slow trick or sprinkler around the base of your big trees can make a big difference.

With your lawn, the best time to water is in the early morning, or in the late evening. The main reason for that is because you’re providing the grass the water it needs, but you’re not going to burn the grass, and it’s not going to quickly evaporate from the sun.

Watering at this time also helps cool down the soil temperature because high soil temps are what promote fungal activity in lawns. By watering the lawn you’re both providing the water to the grass to help relieve stress and also cooling down the soil temperature, so that the fungus will not infest the turf.

In the trees you might be noticing this is about one of the worst years we’ve had for outbreaks of fungus, bacteria and other tree diseases. You may be noticing a lot of ornamental pears, crab apples, maples, even oaks with browning leaves. It could be a slew of things that are going on. It could be fungal, it could abiotic, meaning stresses from the environment from droughts, too much rain, too little rain, construction damage, these types of things.

What I would suggest is if you’re noticing any of these types of symptoms give our office a call, and we can help walk you through the process of either doing something on your own, or having our arborists, or expert lawn technicians come out and help diagnosis the issues, and see what we can do. Either way, just because we got all this rain, don’t stop watering those trees and lawns as summer goes on. Remember, water is the lawn and trees best friend. Thanks and have a great day.


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