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Insect & Disease in Lawns

Insect & Disease Control For Lawns

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Grub Suppression

Grubs can be a major threat to the health of your lawn. Every year grubs catch clients by surprise and destroy large patches of lawns in no time. Any property that has a history or suspect a history of grub damage are recommended for treatment. In Illinois, the Japanese Beetle and Masked Chafers are the most active grubs. Feeding damage from grubs is most often noticed in the late summer and early fall. This is why treatment in early summer is critical to suppressing grubs and the damage they can cause.Often times damaged goes unnoticed until it is too late and a complete renovation is necessary for damaged areas of turf. STOP grubs from damaging your lawn and contact your Taylor’s Way experts today to schedule service. 

Fungal Suppression

Diseases of lawns can wreak havoc.In every lawn, there are hundreds of varieties of disease spores and any given time. Most are harmless or even beneficial to the health of your lawn. However, the fungal spores responsible for damaging a lawn can spread quickly and damage large sections of lawn. For a damaging fungus to become active in your lawn, it must exist under the right environment.
There are lawn fungal diseases that can cause damage in just about every weather condition. Some of the most prevalent include:

  • Cool weather diseases –Snow Mold and Leaf Spots
  • Warm weather diseases –Red Thread and Dollar Spot
  • Hot weather diseases –Brown Patch, Summer Patch, Necrotic Ring Spot

Despite the many potential diseases in a lawn, prevention is key. Many diseases can be controlled with a proper mowing height, watering schedule and healthy, fertilized lawn. In the case of some disease infestation treatment is required to prevent development or stop current fungal activity and damage. A Taylor’s Expert will be your guide to an appropriate treatment plan.


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