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Pest Free with Pest Guard™

Insects and spiders can become more than just a nuisance. They spread disease, cause painful or itchy bites and destroy homes. The Taylor’s Way unique Pest Guard program guarantees your home to be free of insects and spiders. Our Pest GuardTM program utilizes the best in pest scouting, products and processes to guarantee the bugs stay outOur preventative program creates a barrier to keep the pests out, so we typically don’t have to come in. You can be assured of a pest free home, without the invasive home visits used by most pest control companies. Our Pest Expert will walk around the home and property ensuring that the home is sealed and discuss any potential entry points of pests.

In instances of heavy pest infestations or unique circumstances, Taylor’s Way Experts can arrange for an interior treatment. Interior treatments are, however, generally unnecessary and typically at the beginning of our treatment programs. In the case of a rodent or other special pest infestation, a Taylor’s Expert will work to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to meet the unique needs of any property.

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Suppression

Enjoying your outdoor space throughout the year can be a challenge when mosquitos, fleas and ticks ruin the party. Outdoor pest programs offer a defense against these summer and fall annoyances. Taylor’s Way provides a fast, reliable program so that you are not waiting days or weeks to take care of your outdoor pests. We guarantee you will enjoy your outdoor time like never before. You will be keeping your family and pet safe from West Nile, Zika, Lyme and a host of other diseases. Don’t delay and start enjoying your outdoor space again today.

Ants, Wasp & Hornet Suppression

There is nothing scarier than the sound of a wasp or hornet in the summer, or even worse, the cries of a family member who has been stung. Taylor’s Way provides specialized treatments to combat wasp, hornet or ant infestations on your property. We will find the source of the infestation and remove it so you have peace of mind that your family is once again safe to be outside.

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