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Do you want a beautiful garden, but you are simply too lazy or too busy to do it yourself? That’s not a problem. A lot of people are caught up in professional and personal matters, and cannot be bothered with gardening. Also, in order to have a stunning lawn, one must invest not only time, but also money for equipment and seeds.

Taylor’s Way is one of the best companies for lawn care and tree service in Peru IL. We know how important time is, and this is why we want to lend you our vast knowledge and experience in the field. Our goal is to provide you with lucrative and effective plant health care for your trees, ornamentals and shrubbery, in the safest, most Eco-friendly method possible.

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No company will ever say they are not the best on their personal websites, so how exactly can you tell which of them can truly live up to their claims? First of all, it’s not just about experience and knowledge, but also about relationships. Sure, our team may consist of IDA and ISA licensed and award-winning arborists and pesticide operators, but this doesn’t mean that expertise defines us. What makes Taylor’s Way unique is its deep understanding for plants and clients. We know that every client has specific needs and desires, which should be met for 100% satisfaction. Therefore, we will not rest until you are so satisfied that you will tell all your friends about us.

In addition to this, we are only using proven and safe products and equipment that complies with regional, national and international regulation. What type of lawn care and tree service company would we be if we didn’t care about the environment? Taylor’s Trees & Turf is company which boasts the smallest carbon footprint in the lawn care industry. By combining traditional and modern solutions we guarantee that the client’s investment will be utilized so as to exceed expectations. Did we say 100% satisfaction? We meant 120%. We want you to use our services from now, until forever.

Since we were on the topic of services, let us list a few of the ones that we offer: tree care, hedge & shrub trimming, lawn care, landscaping, fertilization & weed control, tree trimming, stump removal, aeration and mulching. We can also easily deal with unwanted pests, or re-landscape your garden, after we analyze every part of it in detail, and discuss it with you. You don’t have to believe what we say, but we can prove it to you. Give us a call today, you have nothing to loose.

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