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Tree Insect & Disease Diagnosis

Tree Insect & Disease Diagnosis Services

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Taylor’s Way Experts utilize an integrated approach when it comes to managing insects and diseases of trees and shrubs. Protection from insects and diseases begins by maintaining plant health using proper cultural practices including pruning and providing optimal soil conditions for plant development. Professional site assessments performed by Taylor’s Way expert arborists are essential to detect damaging pest and disease issues. When treatments are necessary, Taylor’s develops a comprehensive plan utilizing our full arborist tool kit. Within our tool kit several treatment techniques are utilized, depending on the pest, disease and time of year. Our tool kit of treatments includes:

  • Systemic Micro-Trunk Injections
  • Systemic Macro-Trunk Injections
  • Systemic Soil Injections
  • Bark Sprays
  • Foliar Sprays
  • Natural based and reduced risk products

If you suspect decline in your trees or shrubs, contact Taylor’s Way Expert Arborists to perform a site assessment. There are thousands of diseases and insects our Experts are able to diagnose. We have listed a few of the most common insects and diseases infesting trees and shrubs in Illinois.


Top 10 Insect Pests In the Illinois Region

There are hundreds of insect species that cause damage to leaves, stems, trunks, branches, roots and flowers of landscape trees and shrubs. Not all insects are damaging and many are beneficial to pollinating flowers or acting as predators to other damaging insects. Taylor’s Experts are trained and capable of identifying the difference between damaging and beneficial insects and develop treatments optimized for your specific plants.

  1. Emerald Ash Borer (FAB)
  2. Japanese Beetle
  3. Scale Insects
  4. Leaf Miners
  5. Bark Beetles
  6. Leaf Beetles
  7. Flat-Headed Borers
  8. Weevils
  9. Aphids (Often incorrectly Identified)
  10. Spider Mites (Often incorrectly identified)


Top 10 Diseases In the Illinois Region

Diseases are abnormalities in trees and shrubs caused by most often by microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria or viruses as well by stress from the environment. Common environmental stress such as compaction, drought, temperature extremes, air pollution, high winds and

lightning also can contribute to disease development in plants. Taylor’s Way Experts perform accurate diagnosis, critical in developing effective treatment programs.

  1. Needlecast in the Evergreens
  2. Apple Scab
  3. DIsplodia Tip Blight
  4. Leaf Spot
  5. Fire Blight
  6. Oak Wilt
  7. Rust Diseases
  8. Anthracnose
  9. Powdery Mildew
  10. Phytophthora Root Rot

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