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Tree/Shrub Planting & Installation

Tree & Shrub Planting and Installation


The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today.

A well planted tree is one that will last for many generations to come. Fortunately, the majority of tree issues can be addressed when a tree is initially planted. UNFORTUNTATELY, most landscapers do not correctly plant trees. Taylor’s Way arborists understand tree science and the proper way to plant a tree to guarantee future success. Taylor’s Experts help select the right plant for the right space, balancing a client’s desire and the plants health. Taylor’s is able to procure nearly any variety of container grown or ball and burlap (b&b) plant that can be grown in our region. Taylor’s Way Expert arborists have also developed an innovation approach to growing bare root trees for clients.

Innovative Bare Root Trees

Over the past 4 years, Taylor’s arborists have planted nearly 1000 specially grown bare root trees using a method known as the Missouri Gravel Bed. The innovative approach to growing trees is used to increase the root system of a tree by more than 500% in a single growing season. There are numerous benefits of Missouri Gravel Bed trees to home owners and municipalities alike:

  • Lower installation cost (30-50% lower than b&b trees)
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • New growth immediately after installation, not 2-5 years later
  • Denser, healthier root system
  • Root & crown pruning prior to installation

Consult with one of Taylor’s Expert arborists to find the newest addition to your landscape today.

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